5 Best gifts for siblings on Diwali

Diwali is a time when everyone indulges in gifting their near and dear ones. Families start preparing and shopping for gifts a month or more in advance. The festival of lights, crackers , sweets and lots more strengthens bonds among siblings , families and loved ones . This Diwali if  you are away from your sibling and are looking to send them a surprise Diwali gift to make them feel at home, you can check online shopping websites. They have a huge variety of hampers from dryfruits to chocolates , sweets, crackers and lots more. To help you decide on what to gift your siblings we have given a few ideas below.\

Gifts for Sister: Sending gifts to your sister can be a tedious task. There are always lot of options to select from. Apparels and accessories make a great gift during Diwali since people shop for new ones always during the festive season. Chocolate hampers, Dryfruits , snacks and mithai hampers also make great gifts for Diwali. If your sister is young then gifting her toys or a box of chocolates would be great.


Gifts for Brother: Many people stay away from their families and at such time sending gifts to their siblings and kids becomes very important during festivals. You can send your brother gourmet hampers full of sweets, dryfruits , namkeen, chocolates and lots more. For Bhaidooj you can send him, pooja thalis with tikka and something that he always wanted like electronics, mobiles, apparel, etc. 

You can view a separate gifting collection for Laxmi Puja, Bhaidooj, Dhanetras. Gifting catalogue ranges from diwali diyas and candles, gift sets, puja thalis and idols of gods, dryfurit and mithai hampers and lots more. 

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